Critic Praise for the Writing in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

While there’s not much story in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!, there are 33 restaurants that you can work in. Each of these restaurants has a genuinely hilarious written history for you to read. Max Wieners was originally named All Wieners until they got sued by a Miami gay bar, Biggs Burger rose to fame thanks to its allowance of violence on its property until an exposé called Suckerpunch Me caused it to change its ways, Gree/Itali’s big claim to fame is that it was Mussolini’s favorite place to eat, while Breakfast & Breakloose has a new owner that clearly doesn’t understand why the restaurant has a cult following and is about to crash it hard. Each time I unlocked a new place to work I ran to read about it, usually smiling as I got through each absurd description.​


Perhaps the most significant element of the game that could be easily missed at a glance is the incredible writing. CSD2’s surprisingly large amount of text is secretly hilarious, with a slightly sardonic sense of humor that permeates the entire experience. Each restaurant and food item has a fictional history that never fails to entertain, whether learning about the absurd yet heartwarming tale of the bean burger’s creation or the reason why the MAX Wieners restaurant was sued by a Miami nightclub.

Of particular note, are the emails you’ll receive throughout the game, which detail the mundane yet surreal goings-on within Teragon Tower amidst spam advertisements for things like the upcoming VHS release of “Pi Hard”.


The emails received while playing campaign mode are hilarious, and provide further entertainment in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!. I find myself taking a break from the fast-paced action just to be humored by what is said.


What I also like is that each dish has its own lore behind it. I think this shows the game was a labour of love for the devs. I found it interesting to learn a little bit about the origins of pretzels and laugh at some of the obvious jokes!


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