Kill to See His Face Again

By Ryan Matejka

Written: 2016
Words: 409
Genre: Dark Comedy

Based on the writing prompt: A girl meets a cute guy at a funeral, but he leaves without a word. Determined to find him, she kills another family member to see him again.

It's not like I didn't care about Grandma, I just figured she'd want to be with Grandpa anyway. Besides, it stands to reason that if that cute guy knew grandpa then he must know grandma as well.

Yeah, I know I could have just asked someone else at Grandpa's funeral if they knew who the cute guy was, but then they'd know I have a crush on him, and it wouldn't be long before the entire family knew, and just imagine how embarrassing that would be.

So you see, I had to kill Grandma. It was the only way.

Don't worry, she had a long, full life and I made it painless. I think.

My mom has been acting differently ever since she found out about Grandma. She doesn't talk much anymore and just kind of lays in bed or on the couch in her pajamas all day. Luckily, it's summer vacation so that means I pretty much get the run of the house while Dad's at work. Mom doesn't even react when I mess with my little brother anymore, which is also great because he's really annoying and I've been wanting to give him a good smack or two for a while now. She even let me lock him in the basement with the lights off! He cried so hard that he started having trouble breathing. It was so much fun!

But those are all just appetizers to the main course, which is, of course, to see the cute boy again.

It's raining during the funeral this time, which is really annoying because I'm worried it will keep him from coming, or maybe he'll be wearing a hood that obscures his face or something. The priest is going on about life after death and returning to our creator or whatever while I'm scanning the area for that familiar cute face that I've literally killed to see again.

I even go up to the priest to say a few words of kindness about my dear, sweet Grandma to the crowd so I can get a better view of everybody present.

Rats. He's not here! I shut my eyes and try to picture his face, but it's already fading fast.

You don't understand how cute he was. You don't understand just how badly I need to see him again.

My mom looks really, really depressed. Do you think people would believe if I made it look like she killed herself?

© 2018 by Ryan Matejka