Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!

Video Game


I wrote and edited over 80 food descriptions for CSD3. These descriptions combined real food history with fictional events to flesh out the game's alternate timeline.


I wrote and edited a 32-page script for CSD3 based on an original story and characters. The script was turned into fully-voiced cutscenes with accompanying visuals in the final game.


I wrote over 260 barks for four voiced characters. These were a combination of barks that play whenever certain conditions are met and story-specific barks that play only once in the game.


I managed a booth at both PAX West 2019 and PAX East 2020. This included helping design the booth layout, strategizing, and pitching and demonstrating the game to attendees.


"Whisk and Cleaver make for entertaining companions, commiserating with you (despite only messing up one order), or just being their peppy selves. Voice actors Negaoryx and Vana lend their voices to the robotic duo in the first real talking roles in a CSD game."

- Paul Roberts, Vooks (link)

"You’re in the middle of a post-apocalyptic war, which was alluded to in the emails and notes of Cook, Serve, Delicious 2. ... It’s absolute nonsense in the best possible way, although you can choose to ignore all of that if you want. The two robots, Whisk and Cleaver, who pull you from the wreckage and drive you across the United States have voice overs and cut scenes of their own. It’s a nice trimming on what is principally a rhythm game about cooking."

- Alex Walker, Kotaku (AUS) (link)

"There’s a lot more narrative in CSD3 that [sic] previous games, which is nice! The story never gets in the way or takes up too much time, but it does help build out the world and lore."

- Zack Zwiezen, Kotaku (US) (link)

"New for CSD! 3?! is voice acting! Both Whisk and Cleaver are voiced by @negaoryx and @havanarama, respectively. They do an incredible job bringing both Guardians to life. They are your standard buddy duo, in which one is the wise and serious character while the other is your happy go lucky free-spirited type. They’ll speak during cutscenes and have some lines during actual gameplay. They will also say a little blurb about how your run went when you receive your score. They’re genuinely funny, and two the VO actors have some excellent chemistry together. As I mentioned earlier, the VO work here is fantastic; with all the action happening and the focus needed to get your orders ready, you’ll still notice their lines, and oddly enough, made it feel more like a kitchen than in previous games. Their lines add that additional touch to the atmosphere. The voice acting is a welcomed addition to the series, and I look forward to more of this in future installments."

- Ed Acosta, Saving Content (link)

"I’m glad that the little moments of dialogue between Cleaver and Whisk while you’re on the road are actually quite funny."

- Davide Roriz, Bonus Stage (link)