Why this Story (and Webpage) is Special

The Woods is the first short story I ever wrote. It is what made me want to be a writer when I grew up.


The Woods was based on the images I glanced in a then-new pop-up book version of Stephen King's "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" and was written the night before it was due as a fiction writing assignment for my 7th grade english class. While I've kept the story intact in its original version, it continues to live on.

Every five years I revisit The Woods by rewriting it from scratch. In the rewrite, I maintain the same basic elements such as the first line, perspective, setting, and general concept of the story, however I update the plot and style to fit the type of writer I am at that moment in time. Only once the rewrite is done do I go back and read any of the previous versions, and I never go back for rewrites.

Think of this as a snapshot of my progress as a writer. Each version represents my skills and style at that moment in time. Here, you can watch me grow five years at a time.


The Woods - Original 2004 Version

By Ryan Matejka

Written: 2004
Words: 640
Genre: Suspense


The Woods - 2009 Version

By Ryan Matejka

Written: 2009
Words: 1528
Genre: Suspense


The Woods - 2014 Version

By Ryan Matejka

Written: 2014
Words: 2785
Genre: Suspense


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